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There will be another video on SeeSaw for you soon to watch. How many graphemes can you think of for the sound 'ai' Hopefully the video helps you with some of those other ways to spell the sound. Hope that you are all enjoying the sunshine!


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Hi Eland and Suez
I hope that this video reminds you of some of the things we were learning about in Phonics before we had to stay at home.
I wonder can you write my sentence?
See you soon!
Mrs McGuinness

Hi Suez and Eland!

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I have missed you so much! I have been making some Phonics videos that Mrs Nicholas will add to See Saw for me. I hope that you enjoy watching them and that you have fun completing some of my challenges. See you again soon! Mrs McGuinness


We have put together some activities for children to do at home if they are not able to come to school. I am sure that we all want your children to be happy, safe and still learning at this time.  It will also  help you to keep them occupied if they have to be at home for an extended period of time.


This page we will be updated with new work or messages at least once a week. 

Please keep checking and keep you and your family healthy.



If you do any of these activities with your child at home and you would like to share them with us, please feel free to email pictures to or to . We may not be able to reply immediately but we will respond to your messages.


We are now also available on Seesaw from 10-2, Monday to Thursday - we would love to see what you have been doing!



Hello Year one!


This week we are learning all about the Amazon rain forest and the different animals in their habitats. 

Explore your own habitats outside when you can and take lots of pictures for seesaw!

We miss you all so much, upload your lovely work so we can see what you are up to!


Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Hello everyone!


This week is Djanogly reading festival 8th and 9th July! Your challenges this week are all about fairytales and stories. Look out for extra challenges on seesaw, send us your work and get reading!


Mrs Kimbley. 

Hello creepy crawlies! 


This week your challenges are all about insects. Get moving and fly like a butterfly, slide like a snail, scuttle like a spider and wriggle like a worm!

Post all your lovely work and conversations to seesaw so we can get involved too. 

Why not try going on a bug hunt and let us know what you find? Crack out those magnifying glasses and make sure you wear sun cream!


Mrs Kimbley,  Mrs Nicholas,  Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Week 12 Home learning -Insects!


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Author Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Hello everyone!


This weeks challenges are all about space, what do you already know about space? Post anything you do to Seesaw for me or Mrs Nicholas to see, I'm looking forward to seeing you all this week!

Keep looking out for extra activities being posted, I wonder who will be our Home-School Heroes this time...


Stay shiny Year One!

Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Week 11 Home Learning Challenges, Space!

Room on The Broom

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Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Hello Year One.


This weeks challenges are all about dinosaurs! Upload anything you do to seesaw so we can see how amazing you are! Mrs Kimbley or Mrs Nicholas are online Monday-Thursday to answer questions and look at your work. 

Have a lovely week everyone, we are looking forward to seeing who will be our Home-school Heroes! 


Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Week 10 Home Learning Challenges

The Velveteen Rabbit

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Author: Margery Williams

Hello Year One!


We have had an amazing time seeing what you have been doing at home. This week the challenges are all about the ocean and different sea creatures. 'World Oceans Day' is the 8th June, could you make a poster for our Seesaw class page? Explore the challenges and let us know some of the things you have learned about our oceans!


Keep smiling and being amazing Year One, we miss you very much!

Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 


Week 9 Home Learning Challenges, Week beginning 8th June.


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Rachel Bright & Chris Chatterton

Mrs Kimbley's cat, Merlin.

Week 8 Home learning challenges


Hi Year One!


I hope you have had a lovely half term break and have been able to enjoy some rest and some sunshine! We are all looking forward to seeing some of you again very soon and keeping in touch on seesaw too. 

Here are your home learning challenges this week, all about travel and transport. Look out for this weeks story it could help inspire your home learning!


Keep smiling everyone,

Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Week 8 Home learning challenges.

You can't take an elephant on the bus.

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Author: Patricia Cleveland-Peck
Illustrator: David Tazzyman

Q Pootle 5

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By Nick Butterworth

CGP Books


Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:

These are best used alongside regular longer writing to put the skills into practise! Try focusing on improving on one skill when doing one of the weekly challenges, eg spelling 'ing' words when writing an invitation.


Spelling using 'ing', 'ed', 'er' and 'est': pages 36-37


Maths: Try to do these on separate days for separate topics, or if you feel comfortable to think of more activities surrounding the topic over 2 days, with a very quick recap each day of what you did the day before to maximise memory!


Counting in 2s, 5s, 10s: p14-15

The Number Line: p16-17

Number Bonds to 10: p20-21

Number Bonds to 20: p22-23

Week 7 Home learning challenges (week beginning 18th May)

Hello Year One!


Me and Mrs Nicholas have had so much fun on seesaw seeing all of your amazing work and answering your questions. 

Here are your next week of challenges all about celebrations, we cant wait to hear all about how you and your family celebrate throughout the year!


Keep enjoying the sunshine!

Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Oi Frog

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Kes Gray and Jim Field

Week 6 Home Learning (week beginning Monday 11th May)


Dear Year 1,

I really enjoyed ringing most of you on Monday and hearing what you have all been up to! I hope you've had a good week. This week's challenge is a delicious one - we're learning all about food! I hope you have been making the most of the lovely weather this week and staying healthy and active. 

I have LOVED seeing what you've been up to over email - I've seen toy armadillos, amazing pictures of ants marching across armadillo facts, mountains of bottle tops being sorted and counted, writing about what you could do before staying inside and what you are looking forward to again, poems about rainbows, pictures of people dressed up for VE Day in blue, white and red and lots lots lots more! Thank you for those, they are lovely!

I can't wait to see what you get up to next week!

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Mrs Nicholas, Mrs Kimbley, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds


Week 6 Home Learning - 11th May

Week 6 CGP Books

When you collect your CGP books from Sherwood, please complete these pages:



Reading and writing numbers as words (p6-7)

Tens and Ones (p8-9)

Counting to 100 (p10-11)

We have already learned these topics so this should be a recap!



Forming Sentences (p2-3)

Capital Letters for Names and I (p7)

Capital Letters and full stops (p8)

This is quite a different way of learning writing for them but once they get the hang of what they are supposed to do they should be fine!


Tyrannosaurus Drip

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Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: David Roberts

Week 6 Reading Video

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I have chosen a non-fiction book for this week all about life at home for a child living in the countryside during the Second World War.
It is called 'Home Life in Grandma's Day'. I hope you like it!
Mrs Nicholas

Week 5 Home learning (week beginning 4th May).


Hi everyone! 


It was lovely to talk to some of you this week in the calls home and to hear about all the ways you are staying busy and that you are taking care of your families, we are very proud of you all!

This weeks challenges are all about the environment. Make sure to show us those energy saving posters by email and any interesting ways you have recycled things at home!


We have uploaded more stories this week make sure you check them out! 


This week why not try entering this NHS superhero bear competition! Draw a superhero NHS bear and ask an adult to send a picture to before the 8th May. 

Check out more details here


Stay safe and keep being amazing,

Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Nicholas, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds. 

Home learning challenges week 5

On the Way Home

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by Jill Murphy

The Troll

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Author: Julia Donaldson
Illustrator: David Roberts

Week 4 Home Learning (beginning 27th April)


Dear Year 1,

We hope you have had another lovely week and that you are keeping busy and staying safe!

We have missed telling you stories every day so we have recorded ourselves reading some stories we have at home, we hope you enjoy them! Scroll down to see them.

Here are your new weeks' activities. This week is all about animals! If you would like to show us anything that you have done, please send us pictures to the email addresses at the top of the page and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Make sure you keep washing your hands, spend lots of time being active and make sure you are being helpful for whoever is looking after you!

Mrs Nicholas, Mrs Kimbley, Miss Bhalla and Mrs Edmonds

Week 4 Home Learning (week beginning 27th April)


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Author and Illustrator: Mick Inkpen

VID_20200422_133910 (1970-01-01T00_00_00.000).mp4

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Franklin's Flying Bookshop
Author: Jen Campbell
Illustrator: Katie Harnett

Week 3 Home Learning (starting 20th April)


Dear Year 1 and families,

We hope you are still happy and healthy and have been keeping yourselves busy! Did you try any of Mrs Griffin's holiday activities?

Here are your activities for this week - they are all about imagining what life is like for other people.

Stay safe Year 1!

Mrs Nicholas, Mrs Kimbley, Mrs Edmonds and Miss Bhalla


P.S.: BBC has also started to release daily lessons - I watched one on Wednesday morning and they are good fun and are similar to our learning in class! You can either press the red button at 9 o'clock in the morning if you are watching TV, search for Bitesize Daily on iPlayer or go to


Activities for Home Learning

Home Learning Week 2

Hi Year 1!


Me and Mrs Nicholas hope you have enjoyed the challenges we set for you this week and hopefully getting in some sunshine too!


Mrs Nicholas has seen lots of children going on to numbots so well done and keep going! If you want to have a go the website is I am keeping an eye on who is playing and have some certificates for when we get back!


Here are next week's challenges for you to try in Home Learning Week 2. We will attach a picture

soon of the rainbows we have seen in people's windows, let's spread some DNA positivity!


Love Mrs Kimbley and Mrs Nicholas. 

We've got ours up guys let's see those rainbows!

Home Learning Week 1

Useful Website Links


Talking to your child about Coronavirus -



Find the long vowel sounds in these funny poems!


Choose from books, games and activities from your favourite stories!


Help Digby Mole to dig up the rhyming words! -


Audio stories for children to listen to -




Help the whale to get back to sea by filling in the missing number bond to 10!


Order the shirts on the washing line -


  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflection
  • Resilience