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Djanogly students arrive in Northgate Academy lacking some of the key concepts of Oracy, often due to EAL backgrounds; namely being able to articulate their thoughts, opinions and feelings clearly and with confidence, both alone and in debates or conversations. This will foster their identity as global citizens, and help them develop healthy communicative habits.


Oracy will seek to give students the opportunity to develop understandings of turn taking and conversational routine in formal and informal settings through embedded activities in every curriculum subject area. The ability to debate and articulate deeper thinking will happen through specific debate tasks. controversial questions will enable students to develop the ability to listen and respond with counter arguments, using debate modelling and routine questioning to help develop the important skills required for success.


Drama will be employed in a way which encourages confidence and communication (through planned and improvised drama). Together, these strategies will develop students ability to understand what they think and relay their thoughts in an ever increasing manner of sophistication.