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Big Ideas

Alongside a rich diet of carefully selected powerful knowledge, we want our children to leave Northgate with a deep understanding of 4 key concepts. For the children in our school, these ‘Big Ideas’ will:  

  • Take them beyond their normal lived experiences
  • Equip them to be active global citizens
  • Contribute to the cultural capital they need to be successful in education and in life


Our Big Ideas are threaded through the curriculum and are revisited, remembered and built upon between EYFS and Y6 across a range of subjects. These concepts bind curriculum subjects together, demonstrate to children the interrelatedness of ideas and guide decisions around curriculum content. The Big Ideas were selected specifically for our unique children and their community.

Big Ideas are mapped by subject leaders and deliberately planned so that teachers can ask children what they remember about a concept from previous years, allowing children to journey from shallower to deeper understanding.


Adapted from Neil Almond ‘Curriculum Coherence - How Best To Do It?’