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We have put together some activities for children to do at home if they are not able to come to school. I am sure that we all want your children to be happy, safe and still learning at this time.  It will also  help you to keep them occupied if they have to be at home for an extended period of time.


This page we will be updated with new work or messages at least once a week. 


Please keep checking and keep you and your family healthy.

A message from your new Year 1 Teachers

Hello From Year 1

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Your Year 1 classrooms

Suez classroom
Eland classroom
If you do any of these activities with your child at home and you would like to share them with us, please feel free to email pictures to or to We may not be able to reply immediately but we will respond to your messages.

Week 14 Home Learning

Week 13 Home Learning

Week 12 Home Learning


We're so proud of all the work you have been sending us and the fun you've been having whilst learning at home. Keep it up!!


Miss Lucy



Week 11 Home Learning

A tiger came to Northgate!

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Good morning everyone,
In school this week we are reading 'The Tiger Who Came To Tea' and guess what????? A tiger came to Northgate!
The children were super tiger detectives keeping an eye out for the tiger in our classroom and wrote letters to him and Mr Jackson!
Don't forget that if you are at home you can write a letter to the tiger and send it to us on Seesaw or via email.

MIss Lucy

Phonics Lesson: Digraph 'ng' Part 1

Hi Palm and Pearson! We are on to the digraph 'ng' this week. You need to watch parts 1 and 2 this time, sorry I had a technical glitch and that is why it is not one whole video. Make sure you are taking part on the challenges and send them to
See you soon!
Mrs Herbert x

Phonics lesson: Digraph 'ng' Part 2

Here is part 2 :)

Week 10 Home Learning

Phonics lesson: Digraph 'th'

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Another video all about 'th' digraph today and having a go at reading a short story together. Keep sending me your challenges!
See you soon x

Week 9 - Home Learning

Good Morning everyone!

We have been busy getting ready to see you back in school from Thursday. The unit is looking a little different and routines will be adapted to manage the new situation, so to help your child understand the changes we have made we found this short video that you can share with them. 'Bubble' is a word we'll be hearing lots over this term as it is how we are going to keep the children organised and safe whilst in school. The children will take ownership over their bubble and contribute to giving it a name this week. Looking forward to seeing the children on Thursday!


Miss Lucy ❤

Week 8 Home Learning

We hope you have had a good half term and managed to enjoy the lovely weather we have had.

For next week our home and in school learning will have activities around the story The Snail and the Whale.

Don't forget to send us lots of your work via the Seesaw app, we love seeing what you have been busy doing!


See you soon!

Miss Lucy 



Good Afternoon,


We are aware that some parent's have not received their child's Seesaw code or are unsure of how to use it. 

If you need the code sending to you or support with what to do with it, please email your child's teacher.


Miss Lucy -

Miss  McFadden -


Take Care and Keep Safe.


Miss Lucy and Miss McFadden

The Detective Dog

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Mrs Odams has missed you all so much and has recorded herself reading you a story. She can't wait to see you all very soon. Mrs Odams has been busy reading lots of different books and she hopes you have too.

Phonics Lesson: Digraph 'sh'

Thank you for your challenges last week, I would love to see even more this week. You can either add them to Seesaw or send them to my email address, Have a fabulous half term with your families. Stay safe x

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you enjoy another week of learning. Make sure you are using our Seasaw App to add pictures of your work or to send messages/questions.

Supertato Story

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Can you remember the four items that Supertato collects for the adventure?

Why don't you record yourself reading and send it to us using Seasaw?

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Week 6: Phonics Lesson, digraph 'ch'

Hi everyone, click on the video below to learn all about the 'ch' digraph.
Another question you could ask your children is; Can you think of a place the train might have ended up with the 'ch' digraph in the word?
You can send your cheeky challenges to me at,, I will then choose some of my favourites and show them in the next video.
Hope you enjoyed the video, take care!
Mrs Herbert x

Week 6 Stories

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Week 6 Home Learning


Hope you are all keeping well and safe! We are enjoying seeing all the work you have been sending us so keep this up! 

We hope you enjoy the activities for next week.



Week 5 Home Learning and Stories 


Hi everyone, 
Hope you are all well! We are missing you so much and can't wait to be reunited. Please enjoy completing some of these activities and listening to our stories. 

Stay safe xx


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There's a Rang Tang in My Bedroom.mp4

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Letters and Sounds Phonics Lessons


28th April 2020

This week Letters and Sounds have recorded daily videos via YouTube to help your child with their phonics. 


Everyday a new lesson will be uploaded, click the link below to access the daily videos.


At 10am each day a new Reception video will be uploaded and at 11am each day a new Learning to Blend video will be uploaded.




Stories read by your teachers

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Weekly Activities for Learning at Home

We miss you! Lots of love from us all :)

Useful Website Links


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Find the long vowel sounds in these funny poems!


Choose from books, games and activities from your favourite stories!


Help Digby Mole to dig up the rhyming words! -


Audio stories for children to listen to -




Help the whale to get back to sea by filling in the missing number bond to 10!


Order the shirts on the washing line -



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