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Did you see our own new world on telly?

The first full week back we always do something to inspire the children to enjoy reading and learning. This year it was based on a book called ‘A World of Your Own’ by Laura Carlin which takes the reader on an journey through an imaginary world. The book inspired children to look, draw and make a world of their own. During the week each class have been busy creating a world of their own by designing and making houses of different themes. These houses have then been brought together into a pop up art installation in the hall – lasting just for one morning. Lights and music added to the atmosphere. With children walking along the glittered paths they got the sense of walking through a town of these fantastical houses. There was a real feeling of being in somewhere like the Tate Modern! Seeing the children’s faces, so full of wonder and excitement, as they saw the houses for the first time was incredible. Children, parents and staff were so positive about the whole day! Phrases like "It's so magical really!" made us smile. We were even on Notts Tonight on NottsTV on Friday 8th September TV. There'll be a link and photos to follow if you want to see for yourself.