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Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery


Welcome to Reading Recovery with Mrs Dewhurst.


What is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a fantastic opportunity for your child to quickly improve their reading and writing.  Children age 5 to 6 work with me for 30 minutes every day, where we work together on reading, writing, letters, spelling and speaking. 

Children who have Reading Recovery make great progress.  Their independence really improves and they should leave feeling more confident in themselves as a learner. 



I am always surprised how much of a difference it makes when a child does the homework I set.  They come to school able to read much more easily and they make better progress in the lesson.  This is just from a few minutes work at home! Homework with me should take less than ten minutes and I ask that children complete it every day.


I ask that the children:

  • read one book aloud that I have sent home (for about two to three minutes).
  • make and read their cut up sentence, then stick it in their book.

What do they do in the lesson?

They do a lot!

They read two books that they know quite well to warm them up.

They read a book that they worked on the lesson before.

They will work with letters by sorting them and might make words to learn more about them.

They will have some time to chat where they learn to improve their sentences ready for writing.

They will then write a short message, where they will learn how to spell and write a new word.

I make what they have written into a puzzle, which they stick in their book for homework.

We then look at a new book together and the child then reads the new book, improving on their reading skills that have been taught over the session.


It is fantastic working with children over time and seeing them discover just what they can do.

If your child is involved in Reading Recovery, you are welcome to arrange to come and see a lesson in action to see just how well your child is doing.


My door is always open for anyone looking for advice on reading with their child, whatever the year group.  I am next to Eland class so just pop in and ask!

Children enjoy showing me they can read the books by themselves

Working with letters in the letter sort

  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflection
  • Resilience