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Djanogly Northgate Rocks to the tune of Times Table Rockstars Day

We have just celebrated our first Times Table Rockstars Day with some fantastic costumes and amazing maths activities to help us learn our tables.

Some of the staff, and children, were like we've never seen them before. I think secretly the adults enjoyed dressing up.


During the day the children moved round different classes enjoying a range of activities. We had over 50 parents joining in with their children during the afternoon.


A key part of our day was to celebrate the children who have played on Times Tables Rockstars during the competition over the last week. The winner was Rawson Class - who scored the most points and also had the most children taking part.


All the children from Year 1 upwards have a login to Times Table Rockstars. It is a brilliant and fun way for children to practise their tables. Please encourage your child to play. 


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