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My Turn, Our Turn, Your Turn

My Turn, Our Turn, Your Turn


When modelling new learning, teachers and teaching assistants follow the structure ‘My Turn, Our Turn, Your Turn’. Children see new learning modelled effectively by an adult and have a chance to practice under close supervision before working independently. This allows children to build understanding gradually, developing confidence and fluency.


The purpose of ‘My Turn, Our Turn, Your Turn’ is to allow children to move gradually from dependence to independence with confidence and understanding.


The purpose of each stage is outlined below:


At each stage, there are clearly-defined expectations of both the adults and the children.


Our Turn (Guided Practice)


Below are just some activities that may be used in effective guided practice, often with children working in partners or on ‘show me boards.’ Not every activity is used in every lesson. Adults will decide which would be most appropriate based on the content and complexity of the new learning.


When a high success rate has been established in the class, children will then move on to independent practice in workbooks.


Chunking Learning

During certain lessons, where new learning may be particularly complex or involve a number of steps, it is common for children to experience ‘Cognitive Overload’ (where children are holding too much new information in their limited working memories). In these lessons, teachers may scaffold by splitting learning into manageable ‘chunks’. The ‘My Turn, Our Turn, Your Turn’ structure can then be adapted to reflect this.

  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflection
  • Resilience