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Morning (Session 1) Morning (Session 2) Afternoon
Writing Challenge (30-45 mins) Maths Challenge (30-45 mins) Learning Project (1-2 hours)
Reading Challenge (20-30 mins) Times Tables Rockstars (20  mins) Being active (20-30 mins)
Spelling Challenge (15-20 mins)    


We will upload different challenges for each of these subjects each week that we are closed for. Click on the week to find the latest activities! 

Week 14 - Learning from home. The theme this week is SPORTS! So in addition to you learning tasks, tell us about what sports you have been playing or missing during this time. Maybe your normal training has been taking place online or perhaps you have had to think of new games and sports at home! Scroll down to see your learning tasks for the week and log in to Seesaw each day to keep in touch with us! :)

Monday 13th July Maths - turns

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Watch the video, pause if it goes too quickly and then have a go at the questions!

The Great Kapok Tree readalong

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Look at the reading festival document and the glossary before listening to the story!

Tuesday 7th July Maths - Lemon and Herb

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Tuesday 7th July Maths - Mild and Hot

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Maths Thursday 25th June Pictograms

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Reading Thursday 25th June

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Listen and read along then answer the questions on the reading week 11 pdf. :)

Maths Tuesday 23rd June Equivalent Fractions

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Reading task Monday 22nd June

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Hopefully this will work! I had to cut the video into two parts. Here is part 1...

Reading task Monday 22nd June

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Part 2!

The Witches Chapter 4 - Part 1

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The Witches - Chapter 4 Part 2

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How do you think the boy is feeling at the end of the chapter?
"That was my first witch. But it wasn't my last."
Is this is a good way to end the chapter? Why?

The Witches - Chapter 3 Part 1

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The Witches - Chapter 3 Part 2

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So that chapter told us all about the features of a witch. Can you draw what one might look like and label the features? I would love to see some, upload them onto Seesaw!

Beaver Towers - Chapter 2

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Hey guys,
Have a listen to the second chapter of Beaver Towers. How would you feel if you were in Phillip’s shoes?
(P.s. I didn't realise my face would end up looking quite silly, see if you can copy it!)

Langtry Class Book - Chapter 1

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Each week we will post a chapter of the book for you to enjoy.

The Witches - Chapter 2 Part 1

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Answer these questions once you've listened to this part of the story:
1. What could this mean?
"The fact that I am here and able to speak to you (however peculiar I may look)..."
2. What do you think 'enthralled' means?
"I was enthralled by everything she told me."
3. Tell someone 5 facts that you know about Grandmamma so far.

The Witches - Chapter 2 Part 2

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Can you remember all the different things that happened to the little children in Grandmamma's story?

Beaver Towers - Chapter 1

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Hey guys,
Watch this video to hear my read the first chapter from my favourite book as a child. It includes a magic kit, an island run by animals and an evil witch called Oyin!

Useful Website Links


Talking to your child about Coronavirus -


Encourage your children to be writing at home. Take a look at the literacy shed for some fantastic clips to base your writing on -


Audio stories for children to listen to -


Complete a variety of reading comprehension challenges –




Timestable Rockstars -


Lots of different maths games for different ages -


More maths based fun games –


Other sites 

Try out a variety of science and technology challenges –


BBC Bitesize has lots of resources for different age groups in primary school -



Welcome to Year 3!!!


We hope you had a great half term. We are so excited for this start of the new year and have many exciting plans, activities and trips awaiting.


We hope the information will help you support your child’s learning. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come and talk to us.

Teaching Team:

Mrs Collett (Langtry)

Miss Amin (Delta)

Mrs Kaur and Miss Ballard will also be supporting in both Year 3 classes.



Things to remember:

- Delta will have P.E on a Monday but Langtry will have P.E. on a Tuesday. Please ensure all jewellery is removed before children come to school or that they are able to remove jewellery themselves. PE will be outside so please ensure they have outside trainers, a t-shirt, joggers or shorts and a jumper if the weather is cold.



Please read with your child four times a week and complete the reading racetrack. Remember for each  racetrack which is completed your child will win a free book of their choice!!!


Through V.I.P.E.R.S. we are exploring the plot and characters, by focusing on different types of questions each week.




We have kick started our term by becoming Vikings and creating our own Viking. 


Taking inspiration from How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell we decided to create our own Viking story to share with our tribe. We have worked on writing an action scene about our dragon to entertain the rest of our Viking Tribe.



During this term, we will recapping areas of maths previously covered and developing our reasoning skills in these areas. We will be looking at the four operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We will also applying this knowledge to solve capacity and fraction problems. 


This year we are learning our 3, 4 and 8 times tables so keep on practising.



Our theme this term is “Snottengham to Nottingham”. During the topic, we will be looking at what a reliable source is and how this can help us collect information about Nottingham Caves. We will also be going on a trip to Nottingham Caves to help inspire our writing about what life was like in the caves.  Next we are looking at Nottingham Castle and exploring why the renovation might be stopped.


  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflection
  • Resilience