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Nottingham City are keen to hear about how you have felt during Lockdown and how we can best support you when it’s time to come back to school. Please fill out the short survey by following one of the  links below:


If you have already returned to school:      


If you have not yet returned to school:

Useful Website Links


Talking to your child about Coronavirus -


Encourage your children to be writing at home. Take a look at the literacy shed for some fantastic clips to base your writing on -


Audio stories for children to listen to -


Complete a variety of reading comprehension challenges –




Timestable Rockstars -


Lots of different maths games for different ages -


More maths based fun games –


Other sites 

Try out a variety of science and technology challenges –


BBC Bitesize has lots of resources for different age groups in primary school -





Writing challenge 30-45 minutes

Reading challenge 20-30 minutes

Spelling challenge 15-20 minutes

Math challenge 30-45 minutes

Times Table Rock stars 20 minutes

Learning project 1-2 hours

Be active 20-30 minutes


We will upload different challenges for each of these subjects each week that school is closed for.

Update information
Reports went out today, so hopefully you will get those over the weekend. Inside the envelope you will find the end of year report, some info about next year, your child's new class and teacher as well as an invite to a Zoom meeting for both their new and old classes

Home learning Week Commencing 13.7.20
Page 29 – (G) – Staying in the same tense Page 44 & 45 – (P) – Commas to separate clauses Page 62 & 63 – (P) – punctuating speech with ! or ? Page 78 & 79 – (Sp) – suffixes ‘ation’ & ‘ous’


Page 44 & 45 – Perimeter Page 46 & 47 – Area Page 57 – completing symmetrical shapes

Mr Penguin- chapter 24

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 24 part 2 and 25

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 25 part 2

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin chapter 26

Still image for this video

Two Minute Singing Lessons


I added these links  to Seesaw but I've also added them here too just in case you can't access Seesaw at home.

Mrs Lawmon’s half term challenge is to make a bird feeder.

There are plenty of ways to do this using items that can be found around the house.

Coating a pinecone with a mixture of butter and seeds and hanging it on a tree using string is one easy option or you can cut a hole in an empty milk container and decorate it.


Don't forget to send me pictures of your bird feeder on Seesaw.

If you can’t make one you could always design one and send me that too - don’t forget to tell me why you’ve chosen the materials you have and how you’d make it.


I will post the next chapters of Mr Penguin over the weekend as I know some of you are eagerly awaiting the next installment.

Mr.T's half term challenge!

For my challenge over the week off, I want you to design a 5 activity fitness circuit for the other children to do at home. This could include things like sit ups, jumping jacks/star jumps, picking up and putting down object- really anything to get people moving. 
For your circuit you need to decide what the 5 different activities are going to be and how many of each one (called a rep) you need to do in 2 minute bursts. and finally how many times you want people do a complete set. 


Do 3 sets of the following

20 star jumps
20 squats

20 pike jumps in the air

20 jumps forward (return to original position each time)
1 minute wall sit.

Send me your circuits on SeeSaw and maybe try and get other family members involved in having a go.

Friday 1st May


Hi Year 4,


It was lovely speaking to lots of the children from Hollis on the phone this morning although I think lots of you thought that your parents were tricking you when they told you that I wanted to speak to you!  I really have been missing all of you and it was great to hear you voices and to find out what you have been up to. I did try to call everyone so if I didn't speak to you I will have left a message on your parents phone (where I could) and will try to call you the next time I am at Sherwood.


I will be setting up a Tournament on Times Tables Rockstars so make sure that you log on and take part - Egypt have won the last two battles and we don't want them having a hat trick of victories against us!


Mrs Lawmon

Hi Year 4,


I hope you are all keeping well and have been busy doing some of the Easter activities.


I looked at TTRockstars Battle I set up in the week just before I logged on to the website and with 2 days to go Egypt have 3489 points and Hollis 2338! Come on Hollis you have until 3 o'clock on Sunday to get playing and get a few more points on the scoreboard - I'm relying on you!!

There's another battle scheduled to start on Monday morning at around 8.30am which will run until teatime on Sunday!


Take care,


Mrs Lawmon



14th April


Hi Year 4,


I hope you've all been able to enjoy the lovely weather and had a good Easter but that you didn't eat too many Easter eggs!


I can see that some of you have done the Easter Kahoots quiz - I hope you enjoyed it and learned some new facts about the Easter celebrations. If you haven't looked at it you still have time to test your knowledge as it will stay live for a few more days. 


It looks as though some of you have been busy practicing  your Times Tables too - to make things a bit more interesting I've set up a battle between Hollis and Egypt starting today and running until Sunday. I'll set another one up for next week when I upload next week's learning challenges.


I also saw something called the Chipper Club in the Nottingham Post at the weekend - you may have seen it too if your parents have the newspaper. They are setting weekly challenges for children to do whilst the schools are closed - this week's challenge is to draw a picture saying thank you to the Lockdown Doorstep Heroes (people like dustbin men, milkmen, postal workers, delivery drivers etc).  There's also an option to upload your pictures for a chance for them to be included on their website each week.


I've included a link so you can look at it with your parents or if they have Facebook they can search for the details on their too.


Take care,


Mrs Lawmon

7th April


Hi again Year 4,


With some help from Mr T I think that I may have mastered Kahoot! Hopefully below you'll find a link for an Easter themed quiz for you to have a go at over the next 2 weeks! If it doesn't work try copying and pasting the link.


The Pin for this is:-  0724440


Have fun!


Mrs Lawmon


6th April


Hi Year 4,


I hope you are all well and have been busy doing the challenges me and Mr T have set you over the past couple of weeks.


On Breakfast Time this morning one of the presenters said he'd been looking at live web cams at Edinburgh Zoo with his children over the weekend so I decided to take a look - I love koala bears but I have to say that they are not the most exciting animals to watch because they sleep for so much of the day but the penguins were quite good fun to watch. See what you think! 


I also know lots of you play Minecraft at home and Microsoft have released some educational games that are free until 30th June - you can explore the life of a Marine Biologist or design a new module for the International Space Station.


In my spare time I've been catching up on some craft hobbies that I don't usually have time to do - Mr Lawmon has been impressed with some cross stitch that I've been doing as he's never seen me doing it before! I've also been revisiting Malory Towers, which was one of my favourite books when I was your age and is being serialised on CBBC at the moment. If you want to have a look I've added the link.


I've also set myself the challenge of learning how to of create a Kahoots quiz - I thought I'd cracked it but when I had another go today it wouldn't work! Fingers crossed I master it in the next few days.


Try and make the most of the good weather that is forecast for the next few days but make sure that you stay safe when you are outside. And don't eat too many Easter eggs at the weekend!


Mrs Lawmon

29th March


Hi all,

I hope you are all keeping well and enjoying getting to spend some quality time with your family at home.  
This week's learning challenge has been added to the website but I would also like to add that if you have access to Facebook then check out Chester Zoo's page. They added a bunch of videos taking their camera around on a tour the zoo and talking about all the different animals there which was really entertaining. 

Take care and remember to keep active!


Mr T.

26th March 


Hi Year 4


Me and Mr T hope you're all well and have been busy doing lots of the challenges for Week 1 - we will be adding the challenges for Week 2  before next Monday.


I saw someone talking about the 'Great Indoors' activities  that The Scouts have put on their website yesterday so I thought I'd add the link so you can have a look too - there's lots of ideas. While you're on the website go to the home page and check out the other activities they have on the site for Cubs & Scouts - who knows when life gets back to normal joining the Cubs or Scouts might be something you'd like to do!



Don't forget to keep practicing your times tables - lots of you have been logging on so we'll be expecting you to be Times Tables experts when are are back in school!


Take care and don't forget to try and enjoy this lovely sunshine while we have it but make sure you do it safely!



Hello Year 4!


Mrs Lawmon and Mr T hope that you're all OK and that you enjoy the challenges we've set you!


Don't forget to make the most of this lovely weather and spend time outside but make sure you do this safely.


If you can't visit your Grandma this Sunday why not make her a card or draw her a picture and ask one of your parents to take a photograph and text it or email to her - I'm sure she'd love that!


Take care and stay safe!


Mrs Lawmon and Mr T

Home Learning w/c 6th July

CGP Book - Pages to complete this week are:



Page 14 & 15 - (G) – Clauses

Page 38 – (P) – Question marks

Page 39 – (P) – exclamation marks

Page 82 & 83 – (Sp) – word endings ‘sure’ & ‘ture’

Page 93 (Sp) – ‘ay’ sound



Page 52 & 53- comparing 2d shapes

Page 54 & 55 – comparing angles

Page 56 – finding lines of symmetry

Week 12 Home learning challenges

CGP book pages

Page 10 & 11 – (G) – Possessive pronouns

Page 35 – (P) - Negatives

Page 64, 65 & 66 (P) – Paragraphs

Page 72 & 73 – (Sp) – Prefixes ‘re’, ‘anti’ and ‘auto’



Page 22 – using times tables

Page 23 – mental multiplying & dividing

Page 24 – factor pairs

Page 25 – written multiplication

This Week's Learning from the CGP Books - week commencing 22nd June 2020



Page 28 – (G) – Verbs with have

Page 56 & 57 – (P) - Apostrophes – its and it’s

Page 80 & 81 – (Sp) – Suffixes –ly

Page 84 & 85 – (Sp) – word endings ‘shun’



Page 18 & 19 – written addition & subtraction

Page 20 & 21 – estimating & checking

Page 61 – Bar charts

Week 10 (wc 15.6.20)

CGP Book pages


Page 8 & 9 – (G) – Pronouns Page

54 & 55 - (P) - Apostrophes – plural possession

Page 90 & 91 – (Sp) – Hard ‘c’ and soft ‘c’

Page 92 – (Sp) – ‘sh’ sound



Page 29 – equivalent fractions

Page 30 & 31 – Adding & subtracting fractions

Page 32 & 33 – fractions of amounts

Weekly Challenges - w/c 8th June 2020

W/C 8th June - CPG Books


This week please do the following pages :-


Maths        Pages 58, 59 & 60 - Position & Direction

                  Pages  16 & 17 - Solving Number Problems


English      Page 26 - Present & past tense (grammar)

                 Pages 52 & 53 - Apostrophes for  singular possession (punctuation)

                 Page 88 - short 'i' (spelling)


When you upload your work onto Seesaw please remember to do just one page at a time so that we can read it.


Week 8 (wc June 1st)

CGP book pages for week 8 (wc June 1st)

Page 27 – (G) – Verbs with –ing Page

50 & 51 – (P) Apostrophes –contractions Page

60 & 61 – (P) – punctuating speech Page

76 & 77 – (Sp) Suffixes – double letter



Page 8 – PV & Partitioning

Page 10 – ordering & comparing numbers

Page 14 – decimal numbers & fractions

Page 15 – Roman Numerals

Page 28 – Counting in hundredths


Remember if you are uploading pictures to Seesaw to only photograph 1 page at time (so we can read it)

Week 7 Activities

CGP Books - Week 7 


Maths - pages 9, 12 & 13 and 48 & 49


English - pages 6 & 7, 36 & 37 and 70

Week 6 Activities

CGP workbooks - Week 6 - w/c 11th May


 English - pages 6, 7 and 69

 Maths - pages 50 and 51


If you haven't already done so please collect your CGP workbooks from Sherwood this week or request that they be sent to you so you can you complete these pages:  

Week 5 Activities

Week 5 - Additional Links and Activities


The Midnight Gang

This is a link to a recording of David Walliam's 'The Midnight Gang' recorded at The Chichester Festival Theatre in 2018.


Music Lessons

Chloe has sent us these links for a couple of lessons that The Music Hub have created. Other than your voices you don't need any instruments for these lessons.



Axel Schleffler book explaining Coronavirus

Life is very confusing for everyone at the moment, including the adults, and this book might help you make sense of things. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for the e-book.


CGP workbooks - w/c 4th May


When you collect your CGP workbooks from Sherwood this week or get sent them please can you complete these pages:    English - pages 4,5 and 68  Maths - pages 6 and 7

Week 3 Learning Challenges

Week 1's Challenges!!

Hollis - Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - introduction

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 1

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 3

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - chapter 2

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapter 4

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapter 5

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapter 6

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapters 7 & 8

Still image for this video
1) Who was missing to begin with? What did Mr Penguin think had happened to them? Where were they and how did Mr Penguin find them?

2) What does the word 'bewildered' mean?

3) Why do you think that the boy interrupted the girl when she said they they's been making notes about the fortress and say that they had been making notes about the stars instead?

4) The children seem friendly but do you think Mr Penguin is right to trust them because they are wearing 'jazzy knitwear'?

5) What do you think will happen next?

6) Have a go at drawing the sleigh using what we know about it.
• it's a "clockwork sleigh"
• it looked like "the sort of sleigh Father Christmas rode in" but without any reindeer
• "it's sides were made up of hundreds of cogs, wheels and mechanical moving parts"
• its has "great, metal clockwork legs"

Mr Penguin - Chapter 9

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 10 - part 1

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapter 10 - part 2

Still image for this video

Chapter 9 and 10


1) Why is it strange that Mr Penguin preferred seeing snow from 'somewhere warm, through closed windows'?


2) Who looks after the cuckoo clock in the square?


3) Why does Colin think that the children are hiding something?


4) Why was Dieter surprised to see Mr Penguin? (Think back to the very beginning of the story.)


5) What does the word 'rickety' mean?


6) What do you think is happening downstairs when Mr Penguin  hears 'a great hullabaloo of voice'?


7) Design some jazzy patterned jumpers and bobble hats for Mr Penguin and his friends.

Mr Penguin- chapter 11

Still image for this video
Here’s the next instalments of Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets. From now on I will move the previous chapters of the story to the bottom of the web page so that it’s easier to find the new instalments.

Don’t forget that you can send me your answers and drawings on Seesaw. You can either type them straight on there or you can take a photo of your work and upload it but don’t forget just one page per photo otherwise I can’t read your hard work and please try to use a pen or press on a bit harder with your pencil.

Mr Penguin - chapter 11 part 2

Still image for this video
1) Why was Mr Penguin confused about the letter Dieter talked about?
2) What might be happening at the fortress across the valley?
3) What does the word ‘sinister’ mean?
4) Why can’t Mr Penguin and his friends get back to Cityville?

Draw the man dressed “all in black and wearing round sunglasses“ that only Colin saw. Don’t forget the pin badge on his lapel that looked like it might be “an eye in a circle”.

Mr Penguin - Chapter 12

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapter 13

Still image for this video
I’ve moved chapters 11 and 12 to the bottom of the page if you haven’t listened to them yet.

Mr Penguin- chapter 12 part 2

Still image for this video
1) Why is Colin sure that someone is living in the fortress?
2) Why is it difficult to get to the fortress? And what’s making it even harder at the moment?
3) What was Mr Penguin’s plan? Do you think it was a good plan? Why or why not?

Draw a picture of the fortress with it’s overgrown paths covered in tangled thorny branches and guarded by bears.

Mr Penguin - Chapter 14 - part 1

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 14 - part 2

Still image for this video
1) Where did Mr Penguin hide?
2) How did Mr Penguin and his friends try to trick the thief?
3) What got trapped in the window?
4) How did the snake escape with Gordon?
5) Why was flying to the fortress a problem?

Devise a rescue plan for Gordon. Think about different ways that Mr Penguin and his friends might get to the fortress.

Mr Penguin - chapter 15

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - chapter 16

Still image for this video
What was Lisle’s plan?

Why was Colin looking for the strang man in the dark glasses he had seen in the bakery?

What did Mr Penguin and Colin do for Dieter, Lisle and Edith?

How are Dieter and Lisle different?

Design a marvellous mechanical flying machine.

Mr Penguin- chapter 17

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Mr Penguin- chapter 19 & 20

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - chapter 19

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin - Chapter 20

Still image for this video
What was Colin’s plan?
Why did Mr Penguin have to be quiet or say “hiss”?
What did Colin find?
How did Dr Mesmero get to the fortress?

Draw a picture of Dr Mesmero using the the author’s description of so far?

Mr Penguin - chapter 21 and 22

Still image for this video

Chapter 22 part 2

Still image for this video

Mr Penguin Chapter 23

Still image for this video
Was Dr Mesmero like you imagined? Redraw your picture using what you know about Dr Mesmero now.

What do you think is going to happen next?

Egypt Granny by Anthony Horowitz prologue

Still image for this video

Granny chapter 1

Still image for this video

Granny chapter 2

Still image for this video
Do you think Joe is right about his granny?
Did she make a mistake?
What, if anything, do you think she is planning?

Granny Chp 3

Still image for this video
What do you think Granny is going to do with Jordan?
How will Granny deal with Mrs. Jinks?
What is Bideford?

Don't forget to do some of the activities on this term's Homework Menu!

Welcome to Egypt and Hollis!


Mrs Lawmon - Class Teacher (Hollis)
Mr Thanangadan - Class Teacher (Egypt)

Mr Grain - PPA Cover Teacher (Hollis - Tuesday)

Mrs Dyer - PPA Cover Teacher (Egypt - Thursday)


Miss Jackson - Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jeffrey- Teaching Assistant 


  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflection
  • Resilience