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Egypt and Hollis

Welcome to Year 4!


Things to remember:


MP Visit
After a huge amount of hard work doing research and writing letters, Hollis and Egypt met with Chris Leslie, their MP, to share their letters and questions. 


Year 4 Residential

Year 4 had an exciting few days  during our residential at Ilam Hall in May. 


The Year 4 homework menu has been sent home. There are loads of different activities for you to try and you have until the end of this half term to complete as many as you can. Up to 10 stickers will be given for every piece of homework.

Spellings are sent home every Friday.

Times-table activity sheets are available to take home and all children have a log on for the fantastic app Times Table Rock Stars, which they can play on a computer, phone or tablet.



Reading Rocks has been replaced by Vipers, which continues this half term with new books. 


Please read your school book at home at least 4 times a week and record it on your Reading Race Track! 

This term we are reading these chapter books together as a class.



Year 4 Mosque Visit

Year 4 got a taste of the wonderful diversity at their school when they explored a mosque this half term. It was an inspiring experience, where many Islamic children here at Northgate explained and described the special objects and surroundings to children in the class. Children had fantastic questions, such as, "Why do men and women go in separate areas?". We were very proud of the respectful behaviour and thoughtful questions of our children.

Ice Skating

A huge well done to Year 4 for a fantastic half term on the rink at the Nottingham Ice Skating Arena. The children showed such resilience as they progressed, making the Year 4 team very proud.


Our Trip to the Lakeside


We had a fantastic day last term at the Lakeside Art Gallery. Year 4 shared their creative ideas about the art up in the gallery with a local artist, then impressed her with their own sketching skills. They enjoyed some winter sunshine while spotting the local wildlife around the lake and even found time to build a home for local hedgehogs.





We get to learn how to write our own stories this term. We are reading a very special copy of The Wind in the Willows, which Mrs Southey's granddad gave her when she was a little girl. There's a problem though! The pages are missing from the end! The only thing to do is to write poor Mrs Southey our own endings. Do not fear Mrs Southey, Year 4 are on the case!


Our focus this term continues to be on children independently checking their grammar, punctuation and spellings as well as trying to produce the best quality and quantity of work that they can.  Our grammar themes of adding detail to writing with noun phrases and adverbials, and punctuating speech correctly continue this term. Children will also get the opportunity to independently use the key skills learnt in year 3, especially joined handwriting.



Last term the children impressed us with their fantastic conversations between Dr Who and an alien that they created. They did a great job using speech marks, and what better way to show these off than inside a Tardis. They are making our classrooms look out of this world!




Now that we are Year 4, it is really important that we all keep working hard to memorise our times tables up to 12 x 12. By the end of the year, we need to know all these tables off by heart! Doing these at home will be a great way to ensure that we can access maths with greater ease at school.


Times Table Rock Stars is a super app to get some practice of those times tables on. We have a whole day of times table fun activities with a Times Table Rock Stars day on 5th February. We are looking forward to getting into the role fully with fancy dress.


Every Friday we get maths active! We build, draw, prove and explain our problem of the week to practice the maths we move onto over the next few weeks.






We have been busy saving the world in curriculum this term! Year 4 have had climate change protests around the school, written to their MP about the impact of deforestation and researched the reasons our rain forests are important.





  • Relationships
  • Respect
  • Resourcefulness
  • Reflection
  • Resilience