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A New School Year & A New School Council!


We started the new school year by holding our biggest School Council Elections yet in the hall.









Race for Life


Our biggest project this year was Race for Life in June which was a massive success and we raised over £1000 which was split between Cancer Research and Maggie's.








NCC Young Inspectors


Fortunately for our third inspection we had much better weather than in November!







We will also be helped out at the Christmas Fair and gave everyone an opportunity to decorate a Christmas decoration which was a great hit. We are hoping to do the same next year - see you there!


 NCC Young Inspectors


On Tuesday 24th November we went on a second site inspection with Nottingham City Homes. Unfortunately we all got a bit wet and had to abandon the inspection because of the rain!





Bulb Planting


On Tuesday 3rd November we helped to plant bulbs at the seating area at the corner of Northgate and Nottingham Road to help improve our local area. We even got a mention in the Evening Post!




Plans for a new classroom at Djanogly Northgate!


Because our school is so popular next year Rawson will become a classroom for our new Year 6 class so we will need a new classroom for Miss Cole, Mrs Brown and Mrs Dewhurst to work in with their groups.


The plan is to build a separate classroom next to the Key Stage 1 outdoor learning area and Miss Read had asked the school council with some children who work with Miss Cole, Mrs Brown and Mrs Dewhurst to meet with the people building the new classroom to give them our ideas about what makes a good learning space. We had our first meeting just before the holidays.






School Council Elections for 2015-16


At the beginning of the year we elected 13 new members to our school council.










If you have any suggestions about how to improve school see your class representative or put your idea in your class suggestion box which the school council will then discuss.



DNA School Council join forces with Nottingham City Homes


DNA School Council have now joined forces with Nottingham City Homes to help improve the area around Northgate School. The children are now Young Inspectors for NCH and have been kitted out with polo shirts and hi-viz jackets sporting the logo designed by two members of the school council.



 On Wednesday 8th July eight members of our School Council joined forces with Lisa and Bal from Nottingham City Homes to do their first estate inspection on some of the streets around our school.



DNA General Election


To coincide with the General Election we decided to have our own election on the 7th May which members of the School Council helped to run.


The children in the Year3/4 classes elected a party to represent their class and the day before the election the leaders of these parties took part in a Leader's Debate/Question and Answer session during a special assembly.


On the day of the election itself voting started swiftly and we had a 90% turnout. Counting took place the following morning and Miss Read announced the results during assembly. Amazingly Hollis and Delta polled the same number of votes and were both elected but there were only 10 votes between 1st and 4th place!


Well done to everyone involved - you helped to make yet another memorable day at DNA and maybe we have a future Prime Minister among us!

Voting taking place

Voting taking place  1
Voting taking place  2
Voting taking place  3
Voting taking place  4

Year 2 count the votes - a very serious business!

Year 2 count the votes - a very serious business! 1
Year 2 count the votes - a very serious business! 2
Year 2 count the votes - a very serious business! 3
Year 2 count the votes - a very serious business! 4